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there was a story on infant car seats during a collision on NPR sometime last week, I want to find it on-line but their site is hard to navigate if you don't know which program it was on, and I don't, Help plz
Concerned for my grandchild been at riley children's hospital all day and night she is 8 months old and and has odd bruising on upper thigh and she won't put any weight on her leg and also a little edema. they did cat scan and x-rays all okay they also did lots of blood work all normal. the bruises are perfect and the size of dimes and in a triangle. Anyone got a clue!!! They kept her for the night they don't know either help!!!
Tags: infant
I have always been in the country and wonder if you have to carry a seat with you or if the cab driver has one and must install it for any children riding in a cab.
The unit is a TriplePlay Sit n Stroll specifically designed for airplane use for infants and kids who require car seat.