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Where do i find the statistical data to forecast demand?What are the factors affecting demand of sugar industry?Impact of liberalisation on demand of sugar industry?
American oil companies are finding record profits while the war is pursued. It is true the war hopes to ensure the flow oil, which is the product of these companies. Do the companies owe a share of it's profits to repay the war's debts?
percentage of world goods made in China;umbrellas-70%buttons- 60%U.S. shoes-72%U.S. kitchen appliances-80%U.S. artificial christmas trees-85%U.S. toys-80%Percentage of goods from China that end up on Wal-Mart Shelves-9% (interesting)Out of all the recalled toys in the U.S. in 2007 100% were from China (interesting)Number of months that a Chinese factory worker has to work to have enough money to buy one "Thomas the Train" engine set- 6 months
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Is Blu-ray really the standard the industry will stick with or should customers waiting to make sure be4 jumping in?BackgroundThe New York Times CompanyDVDs, Hollywood’s Profit Source, Are Sagging By BROOKS BARNES Published: November 20, 2008