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together in order to keep the society intact? Perhaps it is something in between? I don't know. For some crazy reason, I tend to lean toward the second definition. It seems to make more sense to me, or perhaps that was the original idea intended because the word 'society' comes from the word 'social.' So, when I hear people talking about the evils of 'socialism,' I am left pondering what it is they think a society is supposed to be comprised of. Definition #1 perhaps.
does the lemon law apply to a car sale between two private individuals or to a dealership only?
Where can I find some statistics on the distribution of credit ratings (percentage of the population in each scoring range) in the U.S. across individuals or businesses
Note: The name of the business is not on the rental agreement only the person that died. Does the person that takes over the business have a right to retain the lease?
I recently purchased a webcam at the request of a friend. This friend informed me that there is compensation available for broadcasting various subject matter online via a webcam.Does anyone know the validity of this statement? The only compensation opportunities (involving webcam footage) I am familiar with involve nudity.Other than homemade porn, is anyone out there aware of a demographic interested in viewing webcam footage that DOES NOT include nudity or sexual content of any kind?If so, are the members of this demographic willing to pay to view this footage?I appreciate any and ALL info that you can provide regarding this topic!Thanks in advance for all of your help guys ;-)C.