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I have an unknown connection over the internet that I cannot identify, that is using up to 100MB a day in downloads. I am on a small download limit, so this is important. I have obtained the IP address that is using up my downloads, but cannot work out a way to block it. Any ideas on what it is would be appreciated too.
I have a cat6 cable running from router in office to front room pc and one pc will connect yet the other when connected to network will not. I am trying to narrow the issue down by gaining as much facts about cat6 cable as I can. PLEASE HELP!
Do you feel guilty, 'liking/loving' the 'added individual' to your familyDo you feel as think you must make a choice between your parents, +individual?
Sled Ed
Same old story,someone else gets the job what do I do other then resign?
I have never heard of "sewerage charges" being charged to renters. Homeowners I know pay their own sewerage charges. Sounds "fishy" to me...