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Mark Conty
Being a women, I want to have some idea of what'"s going on before I take it in the shop.I've been using exxon since I got it, but a Chevron just reopened around the corner. Could it be the fuel quality? Please help me prove my husband wrong. He thinks it's the fuel. I say it"s a little more serious.
Sweet T
I would like to know this because I own a 03 Toyota Corolla and I'm wondering if I have enough fuel to go back home or should I refuel. I am lazy and want to push my car to the limit, but I don't want to go over the limit so I want to know what the limit is. I will be traveling on highway miles only. I live in DFW, Texas area. I already checked with Toyota they do not provide this information, does anyone have empirical experience with something like this?