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they got approved.
bright plummy tones telling us, as a news broadcast, what a great day it was....lies, liars and the rotten people that tell them!anybody getting tired of being wipe-sawed by the market?the question is; what is left to be believed? are there any sources that tell the truth anymore?the 'news' was/is purposely misleading. to be 'successful' sales would have to been at least 20% higher than last year. last years holiday sales slump laid the final groundwork for this years dismal performance., this years will be the death knell, but our tv tells us how great it is....if you were visiting in another country and witnessed this type of tv coverage, what would you think of that country? what would you think of the news broadcasts? might you see reason to doubt anything that was broadcast?a true stat about thanksgiving after day sales is the fast food outlet sales for that day....
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Should the world control OPECS output or is it up to the user to be more responsible with consumption
feel this trip can be detrimental to her and US relations if something were to go wrong. I personally do not think she should go. There will be an increase of 183 million dollars to hire more individual against the battle on drugs; however, we have our own war on drugs going on in our own country, such as meth. Where will all this money come from?
Many production facilities have moved to China, Mexico, etc. There is no way for an american to survive on the wages paid in these countries. The assembly of one product line where I work has been moved to China. The units are shipped here to be tested and inspected by our people, then shipped to the dealers. The benefits to corporations/stockholders of moving production to other countries is so great, how can the American worker compete?? Last week we had two unpaid days off due to lack of work and rumors of layoffs. What can be done?
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dly? What are some products that are overboard in the environmental department, or just some ideas that are being considered and any other opinion welcomed?