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LEGALLY (my emphasis) released at least 271 MILLION pounds of pharmaceuticals into waterways that often provide drinking water- contamination the Federal government has consistently overlooked........." etc, Well somebody slap me in the head with a catfish, because I think this is borderline insanity, Russian Roulette, idiocy. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE MILLION POUNDS?.....What, I need never go to the drugstore again, just turn on the tap. The hey word here is LEGALLY. Have our lawmakers (assuming they had any to begin with) lost all common sense?
You get arrested convicted, caned right after trial sent to prison. You get sent back for parole violations or probation caned publicly in your town and sent back to prison to try it again. They say it will break you down have you crying like a baby.
South Western PA, here. Turkey with "stuffing"-- the stuffing made from stale white bread, gravy from the turkey drippings, real mashed potatoes, candied yams, real cranberries, apple salad, stuffed celery, stuffed mushrooms, and cherry, apple and pumpkin pie. I have added different things over the years, but it is always too much and ends up a wasted effort. I think that this is really pretty traditional here...How about in your home-- in your region?
I would like to know because someone has accessed my email accounts plus myspace, from another computer.
backup also includes files for my programs. after I reinstall Vista (clean) can I just use restore feature to restore those programs and make my computer the way it was before I reinstall?