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This is a retry from before the links didn't workI know I'm a guy it's weird whatever, and I just posted a similarquestion but people have been dropping comments lately and my bathingsuit seems tight. so honest answers please im 6'2" , guess my weight? brutal and honest, thanks and any suggestions?
I have not and am glad that I have never been to one...
how did it get its name? is it because of the hemisphere? or what?
Wanda​2F28&pUrl=ShowUser.aspx%3fuid%3d90AA951BA7974DEAB09A34032FEBBFF8​%26view%3d1I Quote: "Common sense-what that implies?We all use the phrase -but phrase only .Not the meaning of it." Saying that we use the phrase but not the meaning of it could be worded better. Is he insinuating (or outright stating) that we do not use common sense? And, no, I am not asking him directly as he has previously thrown insults my way.Am I reading this the wrong way?
Smitty is this? It just came up. I'm scared to do anything.If anyone remembers, I am extremely paranoid about computer hacking and viruses.
I'm REALLY thinking about pursuing a career in modeling. I am 24 yearsold, 5 foot 9 inches -or- 175.26cm, 120 lbs, African American femalewith bold facial features.People always suggest that I should become or think about becoming amodel. But I don't think my physical appearance is strong enough.Please give me feedback as if you were an agent. Tell me everything.But PLEASE don't sugar coat anything or try to tell me what I want tohear. I really need the constructional criticism.thanks!​current=124011615232581.jpg(I have no makeup on in this shot)