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this is just a poll out of curiosity!
...a lot of cornstarch for thickening? I like it HOT, too - not "dumbed down" for unadventurous palates.
btw, 3dgameman prove that this scythe ninja copper edition can allow u OC q6600 at 3.4ghz and result (include its stock fan) is 30oC at Idle, and 60oC at max load
I don't have Internet on the computer I wish to do this on, and it's Ubuntu Edgy, so how do I manually write a file for this?
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Racer Boy 7
i think that is not my speed problem and not virus problem(prossesor 2.80ghz2.79ghz pentium d and 0.99gb of ram)i use many anti-virus program to scan it but nothing found include spyware doctor,avg,norton,mcafee,avast.....)my computer free space got 50GB somthing and not my files too many why??but wat problem is that?
I know that Sabayon comes with loads of software already installed... but is there a list anywhere? I'd really like to see what comes with preloaded... otherwise, if anyone here has used Sabayon before, can you tell me what the best peices of software that was preloaded? What did you realy like about Sabayon?
When I burn an mp3 disk with iTunes, it includes the name of the song, but it puts the track number at the beginning of the name. (ex. 01 "track name", 02 "track name") This is very unneeded. Another thing is that when I put it in my mp3 player, it didn't say the artist and album name with the song. I have all the data set on the songs, so I am not forgetting any of that stuff. How do I fix it so it records it as the name of the song ONLY and includes all of the song data? I have the newest version of iTunes, by the way.
I'm a programmer. Every company I've worked for has required programmers to include a copyright statement in the header block of every source code file. What is this for? I can guess it has to do with protecting intellectual property in the even that the code goes outside the company, but what about internal apps? That code will probably NEVER leave the premesis.