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America was: "Conceived in Liberty", ..while, "Dedicated to Equality". Sure we'd like to have as much as possible of both. But when a decision comes to be made (..say, in "taxes", and "spreading the wealth") where we might need to chose which principle shall be held in the higher regard, ..which should it be? In general, "socialists" choose "equality", while "capitalists" choose "liberty"? I believe I will look to see which one best provides for the health of the other. Which do you think does that best?
The Oracle
situation is tragic and dire: all the seats on my private fleet of 46 jets need new leather upholstery, haven't been able to remodel the bathrooms in one of my 32 mansions, my art collection is really low on Rembrandt's......and hell, I haven't been on a good spree to Monte Carlo in at least a couple of months........Wont you please help in writing letters to Congress in support of this?....I mean, I need 980 bil bad, really bad......
i dont want a trial or anything with watermarks it doesnt have to get past copyright i just want a ripper to let me take footage of games from my dvd (using dvd rec) onto the pc - it would help if it isnt too slow
All dogs are great, lovable, loyal companions. They do however need regular vet checks, vaccines & dental check ups. So never mind what kinda dog should I get instead ask yourself this, do I have the money, time & commitment it takes to own a dog?? Am I willing to spend hundreds perhaps thousands should an emergency arise? That's what's important & of course the research into the compatibility to the breed & your lifestyle! The cheapest part of any animal is the purchase!
More important than whether or not you exercise plus what type of foods you eat. I read this the other day and was astounded. I am not disputing the importance of exercise and diet , just pointing out that together they are not as important for health as losing down to 25 BMI.
Why is flaxseed important to a diet?