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Blue Cafe
If you had a choice of saving Free Market Capitalism by replacing all currencies with a Global RFID implant or going back to the Keynesian Mixed Economic model, which would you choose?
what does it do to [defibrllator] and do to me
Does anyone know if there is a way to plant a microchip under an animal's skin and use it as a gps tracking device? The current chipping done by vet's offices is for ID purposes only and cannot be utilized by GPS technology. Not talking about the bulky, currently used radio collars . . . Please provide a webpage
Tags: implant
Jim spokesman for this said- "VeriMed adds an exciting RFID-based option for HealthVault users trying to keep themselves and their families safe- If you're excited about the idea of being electronically indexed then this is probably the technology for you"So, Who is excited about being electronically indexed?(I know it gives me that warm tingly feeling all over)