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what managerial actions influence the value of the firm?
Ever notice that bugets and other economic variables sometimes go crazy just before a country's major political election, is held, impacted by heightened sense/concerns about the unknown? I wonder if we will see some immediate impact on the current market volatility once the US election results come out. And if we do, I sure hope it has the right impact and gets the market moving again globally!
emission of greenhouse gases or the improper dumping of non biodegradable plastics
The world is selling corn, wheat, rice and other grains for fuel. Peoples in poor parts of the world are getting desperate for food they can afford. Some countries plan to drastically cut back on the poppy crop to grow more food. They will not be losing the drug money because the price of grains has gone up enough to make it competitive with poppies. Sounds good to me. Will it make for less dependency on drugs? or just make for more violence in getting the drugs? It will be interesting to see which happens.
At the minute, I am running a fully wired network, one PC, with the line going to a modem, and then an ethernet cable to my PC.If I get Apple TV, and also a wireless router, (I will still be running ethernet from the router to my PC) will it impact on system performance when it is, for example streaming or updating?