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Can someone help me identify what breed of dog this is?It showed up at our house 3 days ago and hasn't left -- tried scaring it off several times. We finally fed & watered it today since it's been over 48 hrs since it showed up. We live in the country and our nearest neighbors are 1 mile away, I spoke with all of them it's none of theirs. It's a very friendly & playful pup, no tags, probably 1 year old (maybe less), looks like maybe a boxer or boxer/pitbull mix?Pics of the dog are here: for your help!
Tags: identify
I found this utilities name and a link on this site several months ago. I was researching a IBM netvista motherboard trying to get info so I could udate the bios. Using this utility I found the info and then found everything on IBM's site
It was a light that, when aimed at the microphone, allowed us to hear a sound, but did not when turned away. it was some sort of sound concentration technology that I would really like to know how it works. If you know it, please tell me.
Don't know by the names which ones I want on computer from those I don't Is there a way ??
I am going to try to sell them but don't know what car they are for. I think they may be rear wheel drive automatic toyota truck. Not sure exactly. or model or year. thanks for any help!!