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Sea Pig
How much gas will remain at the end of the experiment if 2 dm3 of hydrogen are reacted with 2 dm3 of oxygen at room temperature?
Samuel Deva
need an answer --- too many have suggested chlorine, but this substance can damage water well pumps, if used with any frequency...
There was big hype recently of the introduction of hydrogen fuel to power motor vehicles that would give off oxygen rather than CO2 emissions and I thought hey that will solve the current global warming crisis or at least put it on the back burner so to speak lol and POOF not a dickie bird since, so are we getting it or not?
Padraic Mcgrath
Assuming that water & electolysis would be the most practical way to yield pure hydrogen, about how much energy would it take to seperate a # of hydrogen from h2o? Would it be greater or less than the approximately 61,000btu's available in that #. Is it less that the energy necessary to "crack" crude oil into gasoline?
Doctor Woot
Would not that be something. Finally a concept that does not cause pollution.
I heard about this through a friend who is considering doing this conversion to his vehicle. I was told it would increase fuel mileage by 40% on using plain tap water. The conversion is suppose to be $150 and does not void vehicle warranties.