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Sometimes if the women don't know how to cook a good dinner a couple of Hurricanes will make things better.
This is for a project for chemistry. I want to know if the seismic waves that came from hurricane Katrina were picked up in Washington State.
I am stating this because we NEED to be ready if we have another Katrina. Who knows. our other Katrina could be Melissa, or Olga, or Humberto for heavens sake! We need your opinion!!!
Just bought "like new" Hirricane Motorhome. The logo is peeling. Want to buy a new one to affix where old ones are worn.
My cousin was. He lost his car, he lost everything, but the best thing is that he survived!
The hotel was completely renovated in 2006; when they renovated the hotel, did they replace all the glass with hurricane / wind resistive glass? Or, we engineered shutters installed?