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The Truth is out There
Cherish Wisdom
Personally i think is just a natural cycle. Geological evidence shows dramatic climate change has happened before. It only stands to reason it will happen again.
I am not talking about thunder storm or flood like that. We know those things are natural weather conditions. Can we recognised any punishment God has done to humans. I am not talking about Jesus or any prophet, I am talking about the Father himself that looks over us in our modern life.
Tangent Bill
From what i've read, global warming is primarily natural in cause. It is caused by variations in the earth's orbit around the sun. The earth's climate goes in 100,000yr cycles, with 90,000yrs of ice-age, and 10,000yrs of global warming. Liberals and environmental extremists like to put most of the blame on humans, but I think they're wrong. We should take care of the earth however, and we don't want to make global warming worse.
I don't mean animals that eat something that also happens to alter their state of mind, I'm talking about animals eating/drinking something with the intention of becoming intoxicated.Are there animals that intentionally get drunk or high?Thoughts please.
really be the best. It is how you relate to them, treat them, love them and of course basic character.Then the ones without families or abused mixed breeds, many times are the best and smartest. Cause they are so happy to be loved and have a family
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Aquarius The Brett
Would you get a fungus patch or a bacterial treatment to go from scalded pup to dusty skin beauty?