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And is this adequate?Ours is abismall---drugs/ weapons/ fights on a daily basis-----so much for 'zero tolerence!'
that there is a program that patients in hospitals have dogs visit them and make them feel better just by having a friendly dog visit them. Could anyone give me a site? Mattie and Lillie are their names. Thanks for any information that you could give me.
Cutey With A Booty​an-jul29,0,6834394.storyGist:* Her case is "hopeless"* She is covered by low-income Medical. Her medical bills are not being paid anymore.* Family opposes to pulling the plug* Hospital claims end-of-life decision is separate from financial decision.
i heard, even if they have yet to be treated, a patient can sign themselves out of a hospital.when in the eyes of the law, is it illegal to sign yourself out? or is it, no matter what the situation is, a patient can sign themselves out?
They say you can't move, they will operate. Don't believe them, have to figure out how to get away.Fake believing them, be patient till opportunity to escape presents itself
i was born in that hospital and i need to know information it was also the babs got switched at birth
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I am looking for a hospital that offers a program that will allow families to switch organs with other families. The program is to help those who do not have a matching potential donor to switch with someone who has your matching organ and vise versa. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.