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Moopan - The Leader
It always seems that guys drool over women with perfect bodies that got that way with surgery, and it makes us women with au natural bodies feel inferior.
wrong. I hope this is how you write a link qid=94A7E4903B6A4FEAB76D611525C6DF03
If I had posted that same answer, do you think it would have been pulled down? Do you think we judge people by past posts and look harder to understand what they are trying to say? Does our QnA reputation play a part in others reporting us? I hope this makes sense.QnA users often OFTEN complain about okay content being you think some of us judge by "past performance" rather than stopping to get a clear understanding of what someone is saying?
Cherish Wisdom
Why do black people insist on being refered to as African American? The way I see it. Your either an American, or your African. Not both, but that's just my opinion.