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i mean, this IS a qna forum, and if we are older, its good to try to keep our minds nimble. now if i see someone doing it all the time, that would be one thing, but once in a while, is it really so bad to help them? but my lord, those math questions, the only reason i cant answer those is because i dont know the answer.
Redneck Rev
I heard about a situation where a mother was doing her son's homework every night. I am talking about he doesn't sit with her, she does it and gives it back to him. Do you think this ok?And no I am not talking about myself.
My computer has receive an viruses and cannot be reboot, and my homework assignment are in there under documents. I go to school at and i'm wondering can i be able to get my document out, by using another computer?
Ok so I have sql server (the newest one) and I have a PHP and also I have the website all up and running. All i need is the script. Can someone give it to me please. Thaks