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.. does holding a wake mean waiting for the person to awaken?..
the lack of oxygen? or could it be due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in your lungs? (does that make any sense?) I mean, I wonder if your body is struggling to release the air in your lungs or struggling to take the next breath in? (the weird things people think of... huh?)
in your true feelings all this time. I tell people how I feel if I have something to say.I don't wait.That seems very phony to be like that. I can tell the sincere honest people because they aren't changing their personality. It's like the full moon came out and you see the true character of so many. Why do people wait until they will never talk to the person again to say what must of been bottled up inside?.I just can't figure it out. Can you explain this? I am a little surprised really. Yes this question does have three questions so don't answer it or report it if you feel like it.