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One of my children's public school teacher recently told his students that coal burning was part of the reason why the ozone layer is being depleted and contributing to Global Warming. This is the first time I ever heard anything like this. Burning coal for heat or for energy is destroying the ozone layer? Wow.If you have any information on this, please share and give your opinion if you believe this to be true or not and why? Thanks.
My husband has recently decided to begin his Statistical Consulting career and I've been helping him get noticed. I've done up his website and began getting his site posted in directories. He's gotten two clients from other states already! I'm wondering what else I can do to help get his business out there? and possibly advertising in business journals....any thoughts? Preferrably inexpensive ideas..
Has Nafta actually benefited the US at this point? If so minimally or substantially? How much has Canada and Mexico benefited from the agreement? How many jobs were gained or lost in the us after NAFTA? How many US companies have relocated to Canada or Mexico with giant tax benefits because of NAFTA. How many companies have relocated in the US because of NAFTA from Mexico or Canada? Do the companies support Republican or Democratic candidates?
Sacramento Community Family Resources.
Terror Ate My Freedom
Did you know when Microsoft, Yahoo and google were trying to get into the chinese market they catered to the governments requests and blocked sensitive information, such as Tiananmen Square, if you google it in China you get three pages of pictures of the square, but nothing about the slaughter that occurred there, how does this make you feel?, I find it disturbing that to get business they would help oppress a people.
Now that the Pelosi Gang is under the gun it must be okay now.