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i'm baking chicken for dinner tonight. if i don't take the skin from the chicken i usually bake it until it is crispy at 350*. i was wondering if this eliminates all, most, or some of the cholesterol in the skin?
I am a student in new york. For a marketing class we are assigned to develop a marketing plan for a product. I chose Electronic Health Records and am asking if there are any good sample marketing plans for EHRs which I can use as a reference. Thanks
I'm looking for a server/client program that will allow me to monitor the health status of several PC's from remote locations. Things like temp, fans, internet connection, hard drives, recently installed programs, viruses, hard-drive space etc. etc.
What are the health risks of putting your notebook laptop computer on your lap
Or what if you can't afford it? Or what if you are a Christian (as I am), and have a religious objection to it? Only serious answers please...
I am moving to Germany. But I am a bit put off by the requirements I read about concerning mandatory health insurance. I am a Christian, and do not use doctors, and therefore have no health insurance, nor do I desire any. When I get to Germany, is there another nearby country that would better accomodate me in this respect? I don't think its right to be FORCED to buy insurance. In fact, it's quite wrong...