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need qqnswers to questions i asked.
The democrats have a plan to improve our ailing economy. The republicans have nothing but their ability to criticize.
I know you can get them from or Netflix, but when will they start offering them at the store itself.Also, if I get an HD-DVD in the mail from can I bring it back to the store or do I have to mail it back?
Ok, I have a Phillips DVD+RW DVD8631 CD Drive in my Dell Dimension 3000. It can play DVD's but it can't play CD's any more. I have tried putting in multiple CD's in to install software, but none of them work! By the way, CD's worked before, as in a few months ago. I have had the computer for about 3 or 4 years and this has never happened before! In Device Manager it works fine! Maybe the CD side of the drive isn't working.Thanks in advance,Jai