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Tangent Bill
The owner of a hardware company has admitted to defrauding the Pentagon out of more than $20m (£10m), in one case charging almost $1m for shipping two washers costing a mere 19 cents. Charlene Corley, who owned hardware equipment supply company C&D Distributors LLC with her sister, the late Darlene Wooten, now faces up to 20 years in prison.Quite the scam, and it went on for ten years!Over a period of nearly 10 years, the firm exploited an automated shipping payment system designed to speed up shipments of goods bound for US forces overseas.Read the rest of the story:,,2150890,00.html
I am working with a business that has a Windows Small Businesses Server 2003 setup with older computers and newer computers and outstanding computers all connected. There are between 50 - 100 computers that are connected to this network and expansion is always occuring. I am wondering if there is a nice software program that can take an "inventory" of what we have on the network. It would be really really good if this inventory could include:1.) Software Programs & Software Keys (Particularly the different Microsoft Office items we have out there)2.) Hardware & O/S Specifications (A must!)Any ideas? Thanks!!
This is research for a class I am in, the scenario includes having 600 employees and a need to process database information for visitors and display results as well as list company services on a main home page. This server must be able to support 600 users and must also have a e-mail server. Even if anyone knows of a good site I can research this at, please let me know.
The Oracle
another site like this (I won't mention names, but they had a lot of Yahooligans on there)...they had a system problem of some kind. All the avatars appeared.....but only as blank white boxes or empty boxes....their tags were there, but everything was but for one- and it was this guy's regular avatar..a solid green, briliant green- alomost luminiscent square. It was the only thing/avatar of maybe 2 or 300,000 (yes, that many) that came up....I have not figured this one out...Did it have something to do with the density of green or the pixels or what? 'Twas very strange....
Its a three bedroom house. I want a terminal in each of the bedrooms, one in the attic and two on the ground floor. Also he wants a printer on each floor apart from the attic.
Its a three bedroom house. I want a terminal in each of the bedrooms,one in the attic and two on the ground floor. Also he wants a printeron each floor apart from the attic.
then a windows that say found new hardware comes up how do i remove this window from comeing on at startup
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