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Trying to find the company for a question about my DVD player.
What happened on Van Reyper Avenue Friday evening? Was there a drug raid?
Himalayan Style
Alright, last night I was playing with my dog and I wanted to see what he would do if it looked like I died - so I did that; I collapsed on the floor and stopped moving. Instantly, he sprinted over to me and licked and licked and licked me on my head, face, hands, legs, and feet until I got back up, then he started wagging his tail and was unusally obidient. Wierd???
I'm not sure if this actually happened to me or if it was the amount of pain medication they had me on. But, it was so real that i swear it happened, and this spirit told me I wasn't going to die- I had a 20% chance of surviving it and given less than 2 weeks to live. That was in 1991. Has anyone else encountered a ghost or spirit? Please share with me so i know if it was just the meds or if it really happened to me.
He was an actor too. A regular for a long time on Days Of Our Lives.Did He Die?
I woke up this morning to someone or something saying "Is your sister dead". But it had a weird voice like it sounded the s's like it said ish your shister dead. im not trying to be funny either because sh** sounds like that ..please dont delete this question because of that i need help seriously.!!
The actress that played Amy Vining on General Hospital died today... She was only 49. What happened?????