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Just introduced yesterday by Tilera a NEW 64 core CPU. A new Chip manufacturer to the business, when at the 19th annual Hot CHips Conference at Stanford University Palo Alto, California they introduced a fully productive capable 64 Core Processor. Then plans to use it in routers switches and video graphics, will go into full production within a year, what do you think? You can read more about it below.​e-bar-with-new-64-core-CPU.ars,136214-page,1-c,cpus/article.html
in what direction?with what method?hold what attitude?
I'm listening to the local radio and the ad was Obama claiming (some) CEO's make more in ten minutes than most make all year and he will address this issue. I am with him in the thought but how can that possibly be controlled? Is this just a - tell what they want to hear speech?
The Oracle
-for the sake of argument- like $25 a gallon-......will we invade the MidEast and just take it over?...We have a three month supply at best for emergencies. What will we REALLY do when the lights are out, the heat is off, the cars are parked, and so grim will this scenario become? What are the options (seems like none)??