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Ace Investor
If im driving down to the US from Canada for a trip, and I am caught speeding, what will happen to my insurace? Will I have to pay and will insurance rates go up like they would in Canada, or just pay the ticket and insurance stays the same? Any help?
maybe you know BWM has an Electronic engine speed limiter to don't allow go more than 250Km per I want to know can I disable this(is it possible)? if it's possible how I can do it? what problem can happen if I do it?
M. L.
would you fall into a state of depression? would the world stop? are we all counting on you? you might even develop a serious ulcer.....just relax..
Imagine a free energy device posted on the internet. So simple anyone can build. This would cause gas & oil to have no value. This would also let you create your own electricity. What would happen to the economy? Just wondering. This is a theoretical question.