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The Oracle
a Moogle)........why does Microsoft not take the 47.5 BILLION and improve Microsoft- i.e., bring it to a point where they DON'T NEED to buy Google, or anyone else?
Wife Vs Husband
Will Microsoft end up with Yahoo?I think they will eventually.I heard that Yahoo is opening up talks about MERGING with AOL!Comments welcome.What do y'all think?
Tags: happen
I just viewed my myspace profile and my info and background was gone plus my videos were also gone. Some how the website won't send me emails for email verifications. The only left on my profile was my name and photo.
Raven Spawn89
I want to know if any of you put your notebook to charge overnight without any worries.
Corsaw Family
What would happen if I used an compaq presto f700 recovery disks on my Hp a1700n computer(both vista home premium? My hp is very messed up and i lost one of its recovery disks. What would happen. I think I will have to change the product keys so they are correct and stuff, but is there anything else i will need to know?Thank You