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i just got on a few minutes ago, and i was looking at some of the past Qs asked the last hour or seems like i missed some action.....again.why is it nothing but "politics" and barely anyone on, when im on....but the minute im off, thats when it all happens!!!??
One Twisted Child
Would the government improve or flounder?Would corporate America flourish or be brought to its knees?
on the way? According to the bible, incest is wrong, so why didn't God punish these people? Are we all related? I mean, I don't see how we exist unless by incest, which means we are all illegitimate, born from sin. I wanna know everyone's views.
Barry Bondswas charged with perjury and obstruction of justice, theculmination of a four-year federal probe into whether he lied ...
1. laugh so much your body hurts2. laugh so much you stop breathing3. laugh so much, you choke on your own saliva4. laugh so much you squirt something out of your nose (assuming you were drinking something, when that happened).does anything else happen that i didnt mention?
Slap Daddy
Thessalonius Ii
As an attorney the possibilities have me going dizzy. I can only say that when MI declared it a long time ago, they failed to learn their lesson. Bad scenarios could be such that home prices would plummet, but, they already have hit a perceivable bottom., How much lower could they go? It could make future bond issuances extremely difficult to accomplish. Their rating, however, is the worst in the country, so could such help that?Please, don't take this as an insult against the state, I lived off of Edwards Air Force base for two years and do actually love much about the place. However, the past bankruptcies of Vallejo and Orange Co. are cases in point and to the rest of the country, which is of course experiencing its own problems, really doesn't want to carry the bag for Sacramento's idiocy.
When I run the program to install the FedEx Kinko's program the intallation won't finish because it can't find the driver. "The a box pops up that says Error 1722. There is a problem with this wondows installer package."