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What would happen to our planet?.. and to us?
Probably WWE will have to answer questions to congress this fall after the deaths of Sherri Martel, Benoit, Mike Awesome and recently John Kronus and Johnny Grunge. Will WWE be forced to enforce drug testing like other sports if congress says so after possible hearings this fall? And is WWE in for a hurting as a result of the excess of steroids and painkillers in pro-wrestling?
die, death, murder, killed, criminal, comfortable, superstitution
Okay some would say they would make a will to prepare? i mean what will u or people do to get ready for it?
would both persons get different halves of the one they married? the half that was prominent in their life? or does one get the person and the other dont?what do you think would happen....i know we wont know the answer til death but what do you think?
date.funnest,dumb,crazy,bored,wish u went never went out on that date,lol,worst date ever.
Tags: happen
Just a question...I think it ought to be near the first day....just to be sure.