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and has done great, but her husband left her a few weeks ago and I am suspecting she is doing something again, how should I approach her? Although I don't think it is meth, i think it is a lot of pills daily.....
2 Cents
My dog is 13 years old. She hasn't been doing well the last few months. Losing weight, and becoming disoriented. Today when I fed her her dinner, she was able to eat as well as ever, but when I went to let her in the house, she was disoriented, didn't seem to know which way to go. About an hour ago, she woke me up with her whining in pain. I went to see her, and she had backed herself into a corner, and couldn't stand up. I pulled her out, but even with my help she couldn't stand.She's a lab, and has that hip thing that my other lab had. Back legs won't work.I woke my son and he is taking her to the emergency vet about 8 miles away for me. Some of you might remember me telling about her condition. This is not unexpected, but a blessing for her. I know she will go across the rainbow bridge and be there with Jackie and Diogi and Lady and Samantha... other dogs I have had. And when I go to meet them it will be joyous.Now I am simply sad for her. She's benn a great dog,
I believed she was received by God not taken by him but it still hurts.
Talen Greendragon
I need help managing a lot of stress, how do you do it?
if you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen right? or do you just bring in a fan?
Is law enforcement falling behind in the intelligence levels of "smart" criminals?
All Business
Passion is a marvelous thing to behold in humanity. It displays and describes us in so many ways. I love people, All people, and if I stir the passion in you, well then I have accomplished what I intended. I do not attack you in the sense that I want you to feel hurt or demeaned. I want you to be proud of who you have chosen to be and what you believe. So if you think I am anything, think of me as a cook, stirring the pot. :)
I need an ASP.NET hosting service that can handle hosting of sub-domains that does not begin with "www" and do not require me to transfer my domain from my current registra.Please help.
I've Intel HT system with 1GB RAM. If i open some 20-30 windows along with other applications like winword or something, after it could not handle more IE windows. First Menu bar dissapears, then tool bar, then very strange 'Right click' not listing menu till i close some windows. Why does it could not handle. My Virtual Memory is 1GB. So totally 2GB. MY performance in Task manager shows only 1.2 GB memory filled up. Whats happening. Jus testin WINDOWS capability with HT and 1GB RAM.