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With last years pet food scare, which dog food do you feel the best about feeding your dog, that is available in the grocery store?
I was just at the store and a lady was checking out with a LOT of produce, the hardest thing to self check. The attendant had to keep helping her and I had to wait just for an ID clearance.
It doesn't lose it's signal only it's battery life, my phone will start beeping and then the screen will say low battery every time I go into this store that's on a military instalation, am I the only one this happens to?
The ad says to put in than click on "apply", and then put in your zip code 80102
Link to tesco or any other supermarket
Example: I go to a restaurant and pick up my order along with 2 more people order from my office and deliver it to them. They pay me $1 as service.Does any state ban me from doing that? It is an earning, but do I need any license to deliver the items. I will be using my own car to go to the restaurant.