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as far interstellar travel,portal etc.
Tags: gravity
Another question made me wonder if there were any other QnAers who have done any of the above...because some fellow QnAers are quite accomplished...and for many-- we just have no idea about what they have and have not done.If you have a fictional space experience, please feel free to share that too. All funtering allowed...BTW, Willow HAS done one of the above mentioned ;-)
Sometimes if the women don't know how to cook a good dinner a couple of Hurricanes will make things better.
I will teach you how, if you want to make a lot of money, but you have to give me 5% of the money this technology will generate.
Sacramento Community Family Resources.
If what we observe E in motion as mass, could the fabric of space or dark matter be nothing more than E in its lowest rest state?Furthermore could the disturbance of Flat Space E creating a vortexal momentum spin state, create mass due to compression and spin between positive and negative forces?