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Some would vote for complete control, while others would oppose any ideas of gov intervention. In between these two extremes, some believe governments should only intervene in in the economy to combat economic problems such as inflation or unemployment. What do you think? Why?
I think it is time to require all program's sold, use tested and licensed programmers.(Note: Programmers of Freeware/Shareware no licensed needed)
In this day in age with our technology obviously high tech why is our ways still the same with energy usage and contamination of the ecosystem?? Is money really as important than our whole race's future??
Is the lack of strictness at home and effective deterrence at schools causing our children to fail in education to the effect we now import to fill important jobs? Does that effect extend to the rising prison population and the current economic climate?
Every good or service that governments provide (including security) to their taxpayers is inferior to that of the private sector, why? My interest here is education but you can discuss the question in relation to anything governments provide using the taxpayers money.