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Aren't they the same thing? Open to all the same forms of corruption but without free market competition?
you decided yet. Or are you going to bank it when you get it? My husband is going on a well deserved golf vacation to Hilton Head with some buddies and the money will be spent for that trip in our house.
With some private industries posting record profits, the consumers are taking it in the shorts.
Congress approved the massive bailout, and Paulson keeps changing his mind about how to spend the money. Unilaterally, I might add. And as government policy keeps changing, it makes already volatile markets even more so. I remember a scene from the movie, "Hudson Hawk", in which the female love interest tries to shoot the bad guy that Bruce Willis is fighting, but keeps hitting Willis. Finally he shouts out: "Stop helping me!" Are we at that point with our government trying to "fix" the economy where every attempt just hurts it more, and we need them to stop "helping" us?​w_recovery.html
Big Dog
them?If the people who pay taxes have to take a drug test to keep our jobs and make a living.
Mumtaz Hassan​WeLegalizedAllDrugs.aspx?page=1 this article asks the question "Have you ever seen a meth addict, with all those sores and rotten teeth? And what they do to their kids? Do you want the government to be responsible for that?" but we don't blame the government for tobacco or alcohol related deaths do we?Meth, coke,