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Farm Boy
Did you ever find a pic of you on google earth? How did that made you feel?
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A lady's panties can be seen while she leans over in her truck, people can be seen sitting in their homes, all kinds of stuff. Not sure how comfortable I am about all that. What about you?
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Politics Junkie
Nice place's weird places odd place strange places
hello,i'm talking about the version that has the stars navigation , and is available from here: had google earth for quite a long time, but lately, when i tried to update it from version 4 to the latest 4.2 , it showed me this window during the installation and then i have to quit it: seems that nobody else had this problem (i searched on the internet) . i tried to uninstall and then install, but it didn't help. i can only use version 4. does anyone know how to fix that?i even tried the beta version from "file hippo": nothing helped.what should i do?btw, for those who do have it, there is a hidden feature of flight simulation in it. Look at:​lor:​-simulator
Literally Speaking ™
I do and check this out​C302It has an interesting and entertaining easter egg in it.:o)
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I downloaded Google Earth 4.3, no problems, but the newest version (Google Earth 4.3 Beta) requires you to install Google Updater first, and use that to install the new Google Earth.However, no matter how many times I've tried, the Google Updater will not let me install it. I tried downloading it at work, but it said my server required a username and password. That bothered me enough, so I went home and tried to download it there and it keeps saying "Can not locate server" or something. I've tried so many times, no change.I've tried searching on the internet for direct links or copies of it somewhere else so I can just download the setup program myself (without the annoying Google Updater), but everything I've found is only for Google Earth 4.3, not the BETA version (which has a few more features).Does anyone have the ACTUAL direct link to the BETA version of Google Earth 4.3, or do you know of a copy of it somewhere else?Thank you in advance
I just downloaded the new one,. and it is SO LAGGY! Why? How can I make it faster? my connection is fine.
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