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(it terms of death)
Tags: goodbye
We were joking around about my hair last year when I got this looking dorky perm and I was going to show her my new straight smooth look at the next party. Someone sent me a message on my phone, I mean a text, and I never opened it because my phone is mostly broken, need a new one, and I thought the text was nothing, just from my brother that he meant to text his girl. I just missed the boat on everything; I mean that phrase, the way they say it on TV...I really just didn't get it. I didn't see how much trouble she was in. Oh, this is so messed up!!!!! I just keep thinking about all this stuff, stuff that's so lame it makes no sense, not the kind of thoughts I should be thinking. I don't know what kind of thoughts I'm supposed to be thinking. She's DEAD. I'm never going to talk to her again. She will never make fun of my hair again. She will never know how much I admired her. She will never know all the stuff I would have said if there had been enough time, and there was noplace...
I just wrote a brief but - I'd like to think - warm-hearted Goodbye message, summing up the better aspects of QnA and commending the Team for its efforts...I couldn't post a Comment anywhere on that collossal thread that was started yesterday afternoon (EST, USA time) by the announcement that QnA beta is closing on 21 May. So instead I was surprised to see that it was still taking answers, even with 96 answers that far...and of course one cannot text-mark and Copy one's own text BEFORE submitting it for posting on QnA...So, you guessed it: I lost what I wrote, but it really rubbed it in by suggesting I post a Comment instead!So, even with all the political and interpersonal arguments, I ponder: was part of the big source of frustration with QnA - and even its demise - due simply to insurmountable Technical Difficulties?Nah. I think it was just...all of that combined, plus, it couldn't stay in Beta forever. Like they say in the Academic world, it's "publish or perish".
since this site is shutting down I just wanted to say goodbye. I have learned many things browsing and reading questions and there answers. I am sad to see this site go and hope that perhaps another one like it will open in the future. I really like participating by asking/answering questions. So goodbye to all.
To all of you on QnA......This is my final post here. I will be too busy to ask/answer anything else before this site closes. To Billy the Kid....I have seen your comments saying "hi" etc.....thank you... I always seems to miss you. To was so good to see the real you . I always smile when you call me "shiny" :)To Purpledawg.........too bad you didn't come back of one last time...I really missed your QnA's.To Toni...wherever you may be.......take care girl...I have missed the laughs. To Clowdermom..........who was the QnA LOML. .Be happy that after so many years I have finally been in touch with the true LOML. I "will" marry her...she just doesn't know it yet. LOL To Junebug......keep on being you! :)To everyone else here....I'm not meaning to exclude have all touched my heart in various ways and I thank you for it. ....I just don't have the time to acknowledge all of you separately. You know who you are though. :)
I'd like to say fair well to all and all of your great in put , humor , for even being hard when need be , this has been a great experience that you have given me , again , I thank *YOU ALL* before I go...
Tags: goodbye
I don't get much free time on here anymore, and since it is closing down on the 21st. I probably will not get another chance. I have not been here all that long. But i appreciate the people that I have gotten to know here.
Tags: goodbye
I want to say good-bye and good night to everyone of you. It was a blast. I want to say thank you for all the great times , the bad and the fun time.May all of you live Life to the fullest. for that life is too short.Have fun wherever you go.May God bless you and take careUnderdog..I will leave you with piece featuring my favorite radio announcer of all time Mr. Ernie Harwell,, His message rings true,,