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this is for the guys !!! of course....
I just want the world's opinion
visitting my girlfriends parrents for the first time. what should i do so they'll see i'm nice? should i shake hands when first greeting them, etc?
My girlfriends is beautiful but i don't know what goes on her head.Most of time is trying to fix damage caused by her parents brainwashingher telling her that shes worthless, junk, will never be anything. Icant figure out who she is because they wont let her be her self.Everything she does is controlled by them she gets yelled at fortalking 20mins a day on her phone to me apparently this is to much. Ijust don't know what to do she has 2 years left of school but that's along time. We have been together for 8 months and fought many things to be together but this is getting frustrating
Amazing Guy
My vote gets cast to the one who has the most creative not to mention useful way of turning his grumpy woman into a purring kitty cat. Women, feel free to chime in if you have a method that works on you and you feel inclined to reveal the secret to the guys... ; )
My girlfriend has 2 cats that she wants to have move in with us, i am allergic to cats, will my allergies get worse with the extended exposure?