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with the current Banking/Housing failures? This question deserves to be answered again see 4/5/08 answers on Q and A, who's right and who's wrong?
Cutey With A Booty
6.5% unemployment, 250,000 jobs loss in October. Christmas retail shopping is projected to be dismal.... Why isn't Bush trying to do something???
The Oracle
soooooo bad down there..I see on the news that 30,000 jobs will fall because of the water shortgae..that even a steady rainfall for three solid days wouldn't solve it.....How are you faring? What can you personally do?....What can your fellow QnAer's do for you? Write Congress? Send you bottled water? (I'm not kidding)...What's going on?....This is pretty bad...
Short term profits , no long term planning, caught up in the greed now they want our help?
Ever notice that bugets and other economic variables sometimes go crazy just before a country's major political election, is held, impacted by heightened sense/concerns about the unknown? I wonder if we will see some immediate impact on the current market volatility once the US election results come out. And if we do, I sure hope it has the right impact and gets the market moving again globally!
Am I wrong or is the subject of global warming not a concern? Why did the candidates drop the subject?
Soulful Poems
I have the most recent 42" HD Panasonic plasma and a (most recent) Samsung DVD recorder with 720p/1080i upscaling via hdmi. When i switch to the HDMI AV input, the TV says "HDMI" and under it, "576p input", when it should be 1080i. Why? And how can I fix it?