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could have transformed post 9/11 America from victim to villain in such short order".Your comment, opinion?
Probably not since Watergate has an attorney general been so closely bound to the White House's bidding. In pushing counterterrorism programs that courts found unconstitutional and in stacking the ranks of federal prosecutors with Republican loyalists, Gonzales has put Bush's stamp on an institution that is supposed to operate largely free of the White House and beyond the reach of politics.
George Bush and most republicans think the course in Iraq is the right one, why aren't his own children leading the way to bring democracy to the Middle East ? Do shawn Hanity or Bill Oriley have children that could be sent over to Iraq to serve in place of some of our enlisted who have served at least 2 terms of duty in the Middle East in the name of democracy and against terrorism ?
Anything. It'd be great (but impossible) if I could get his email or something...