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Its Unregistered n in original Package&Documentation But I dont hav its purchage details...cos... .What Shoul I do with this CD:-1. Sell it...(if any one want2buy price=??)2. Try other Serial Key...3. Call microsoft....(I allready tried.....)4. Keep it as it is...Plssss help me out......
Just few days back I bought Dell PC n received free Windows XP Professional CD & COA....I want to know whether my COA/Product key is used n registered by some one before buying my PC...before registration & activation of my Genuine copy I want to confrm whether COA is already used by someone to activate/register this copy or not
and now he cant logon what can he do and can he get his files back and install genuine windows
this has only been happening in the last few months. I no longer have the original start up disks and only have the set of 4 system recovery disks
Hi, I have just sold my old PC and am currently after building one myself. I previously had a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate installed on my old PC which I have sold (I wiped the HDD before I sold it). Believe it or not it is a GENUINE copy of windows Vista which i purchased the day of its release (cost me about £400 lol). I'm worried that if I install my copy of Windows on a new PC that I build that it won't validate. I'm not sure what I should do to make sure it will validate. Any help would be great :)regards,Adam
Please suggest me some genuine sites on net from which i can do online work from home as earlier i could not find any of the sites which were later suggested to me as they only wanted money for registering or wanted refferals.i can't pay and i don't know anybody to refer.plsss suggest some genuine sites who mean work and pays you for your work and not for reffering people.