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Thus far which has been the most enviromentally conscious about fuel usage!
In Canada, in my area, we are paying for Regular Gas, approximately $1.20 per Litre. Based on my last question, that works out to approximately $4.55 per U.S. Gallon.
Putting him all over the news has probably given him a death sentence back in Iraq.
Tags: gasoline
It doesn't matter to the question, but 1 kg gas is ~ 1 liter, which is about 1/4 gallon.
Has your family changed its fuel consumption in any way during the past five years, or have you "eaten" the rising fuel costs?
I left my truck by the pump right where I parked it, walked through the door of the last stop market. The guy behind the counter said what it's go'n to be? I said I don't know man, you tell me! Is is it a gallon gas or a cold six pack, one goes in my tank the other comes in a sack. Makes life complicate when they cost the same. It's a tough choice, if you know what I mean?
as it is now there is no limit whatsoever if they want they can charge $20.00 or what ever they want and we have no choice but to pay and they know they can get by with it.
Can you imagine $10 per gallon? That got your heart goin', didn't it? Remember when it went over $1 per gallon? Or even .75 cents a gallon?