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Tags: gallon
In Canada, in my area, we are paying for Regular Gas, approximately $1.20 per Litre. Based on my last question, that works out to approximately $4.55 per U.S. Gallon.
The Oracle
significantly? (Unless you're filthy rich of course) more walking, hahaha?
I think this is like the cigarette pricing fix. The opponents of smoking attach taxes and additional fees to the price of a pack of cigarettes hoping the price increase will deter usage, or so they say.I think many elected politicians believe this is the same tactic that will change the way Americans use gas.An average pack of cigarettes now costs about $4 dollars. Lots of people still buy them and the blackmarket for tobacco is getting bigger.You raise the price of gas and people will find a way to get it if they need it. Blackmarket, highjacked tankers? I think if it continues to rise like it is, we will also feel the effect in the price of goods.So where does the price of gas have to be for you to really change both your driving and your shopping habits? $5 per gallon? $7.50 per gallon?
Has your family changed its fuel consumption in any way during the past five years, or have you "eaten" the rising fuel costs?
Is regular unleaded more watered down or trashier? Does premium cause less engine carbon build up? Is there more energy per volume in premium gas? Does it justify the cost in the long run?