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We need a long slow burn that can be turned off/on for X,Y,X, & V control to move a meteor or asteroid out of a NEO path. Thermonuclear Fusion Ramdrive Rockets could supply that power.The US was working on and had a working J-47 Atomic (2 and 3 stage) jet engine, but the shielding needs made the Atomic Bomber/Airplane unpractical. It could be a starting point for a Thermonuclear Fusion Ramdrive Rocket.“Source: Christopher E. Hamilton (Captain, USAF), Masters Thesis, "Design Study of Triggered Isomer Heat Exchanger-Combustion Hybrid Jet Engine for High Altitude Flight", AFIT/GAE/ENY/02-6 (Department of the Air Force, Air University, Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio), March 2002, pp. 1, 11-15”
I'm looking for information about the latest in nuclear power and if the government has scaled the fusion reactors down to the point that they can start installing it into consumer sized automobiles as replacements for the engine. Being into finding better ways to power todays cars, I'm just trying to research this issue as an alternative means to fossil fuels.