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Sexy Boi
Pick a song that describes your life or a lasting impression you want to leave.
I don't. I want it to be happy and I want some good songs playing. Like some metalica or just something good. I want everybody to be smiling not crying. I will request that everybody has fun at my funeral before I die. There will be free food and everything at my funeral.
Tags: funeral
I'll bring the dead rotten flowers!!!
Tags: funeral
Qn inspired after reading the book "The Stranger".Last sentence of the book: I had only to wish that there be large crowd of spectators the day of my execution and that they greet me with cries of hate.Remember there is no right or wrong answer :D i will vote the most descriptive answer. Also, i don't care if it is good or bad coz i don't take everything as good :P so go ahead...
before she can get his name or phone number he leaves. Two weeks later she kills her sister. Why? Answer in ten minutes.