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medicine and physiology
Marilyn Klingler
is the number generated thru the computer clock or some other interrupt?
This is a business management project and I am writing an essay on the different management functions
The disk won't read. I need to find a site or something with the information avalible. Thnx
After I installed Internet Explorer 7, everytime I right click and open a link. It just crashes...It happens on few computers I have installed, anyone can provide steps solving this problem.Thanks!
Is there anything I can do to help the poor little mite?
Researching Denial Of Service attacks and need to know if a Zombie computer can still do the things the owner needs to do if it is currently being used by the hacker to do the DOS. Thanks
I need to add only odd numbers between an interval, but I'm not quite sure how (I'm a n00b) I have been considering using a for loop, is that the right approach? Thanks in advance
In my Money portfolio, the right key had a quite helpful menu. One day it was gone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program. No change. Lots of time wasted, no results. Blah!
I use the Function keys when playing Guitar Hero, and when pressed in a certain order, they don't work properly with the game, it's definitely got something to do with them being Function keys, because I don't have this problem with normal letter keys.So is there a way to still use them in the game, but for them not to perform as normal Function keys?I have Vista Home Premium if that makes a difference.
A friend of mine as an Epson printer (I think a 3500), but has lost the manual. He phoned me today asking if I know how to clean the print heads. I know nothing about Epson printers so hope some of you can help. Do Epsons have a self-cleaning function and if so, how do you turn it on?
Computergeek Joel
For example I have a cell (B3) that has the value "32", I want another cell to display something like "The value of cell B3 is 32" and would change whenever the content of cell B3 changes.