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I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and he has known his best friend for 6. When i first got with him i knew he smoked, but i didn't think he did it all the time. When I noticed that it was having a negative effect on our relationship i asked him to stop. His best friend started selling weed and so whenever he goes over there he's under temptation and I'm sure pressure to do it. He still smokes even after he has told me he wouldn't. He lies to me about it, and then will tell me the truth only when I squeeze it out of him. I actually do like his friend as a person, but the weed is what really gets to me. I don't know how to deal with this. I think that breaking up would kill us both, and losing a best friend would do the same. I just don't see any way to work things out...any help?
M. L.
I would and if i knew you had kids i would do it in a heartbeat. I just need positive feedback. Please!
Mark The Shark
Now what i need to know is.... is it even possible for these to grow in minnesota, are they edible, and if so how would i go about preparing them, now ive checked with erowid. But i still cant get a good solid yes they grow in minnesota because like with any mushroom you don't just want to pick it up off the ground and eat it.
My best friend has been doing caffeine pills for a while and I am getting really worried about him. Ive known him for a while and his family life is fine, and I cant find a reason why he would do them. I really want him to stop. Im scared something will happen. Ill love him though even if he wont stop taking them. Hes like a different person when he takes them and I cant bare to see him this way. I HATE it and im scared! Please help! By the way, hes only 14 years old. and can they be harmful?
What about you? Do you have any non-dog pets that you have bonded closely with? I have nothing against dogs, but horses are just my thing :)
Please don't think I'm one of those crazy women who spoil my 'little baby" I don't take her everywhere wirh me she stays home most of the time. The craziest thing I do is talk to her like a person.And believe it or not she mumbles back to me.Also I let her sleep in my bed. My question is about a year ago I went to the Dr. and found out there are a couple of things wrong with me and they are not going to get better.In about the last 5 months she won't let me out of he sight, even if I go to the bathroom or take a shower she has to be right at the door. The guy that lives with me if he tries to get anywhere near me she goes crazy. I believe she sinces something. I feel so bad because I want to reasure her everything is going to be o.k. Please don't laugh at this It's improtant to me.