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Is it OK for me to freeze the chicken in the styrofoam and plastic wrapped container that I buy from the meat aisle in my supermarket? Or, are there better ways to store chicken/meat that will make it "keep better/longer" in my freezer?
I like to buy artisan cheese and dairy products and since I buy organic they tend to be little spendy and I find that quite a bit of it ends up going to waste before I can use it all. This is an extreme waste of money so I have been thinking of ways to preserve it or use it faster. If I can freeze it then for how long can it be frozen?
I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and "plan" my dinnertime meals in advance so I'd like to start cooking and freezing foods on the weekends to save them for midweek dinners that can be easily defrosted and are very healthy and nutritious. What are your favorite dinnertime foods that freeze well? Any recommendations?
I can the green tomatoes raw and then drain them and fry them in the winter; but, was wondering if they turn out as good as fresh fried if they're frozen after they're fried and then reheated in the winter. Thanks.
A local store had them on sale and I don't want to waste them. Thanks!
Recently while on my computer my cursor suddenly changed to a black circle with a slash through the center. This can't be good I think to myself. The screen was frozen and all I could do was shut down. It has happened twice now. Any ideas on cause?
Luis Filipe
When im online watching streaming video my computer will freeze and will say (not responding) on the headline bar... I have to CTRL+ALT+DLT and end task after the task is ended the box (send error report) comes up but when i say to send the error report it wont connect to the server...So i click on the X button to get rid of that and i double click my internet explorer again to open it up. It opens up but just sits there with a white screen... nothing else after a few mins it will say (not responding) again and will not connect to the internet until i restart. Do you know what i can do to fix it?while downloading the new IE my computer told me that some add ons were not installed... i dontk now if that is an issue. my firefox has the same issues but not usually at the same time as my IE... but will not work after a few mins again.... same issue.I dont know what to do to fix the isue and its driving me crazy... please help. thanks you