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Amazing Guy
If it is true that opposites attract...then what is the magic formula? What is just enough opposite to make it perfect and when is too much opposite too much to tolerate? How about you? Are you attracted to an opposite, or someone very close to yourself? I wonder if opposites attract is really a fact when it comes to people.
is there a syntax that will change a file name within a formula? I want to create a formula that will take the Book # in column A and replace it in the formula in column B and have the same result if I had typed the formula as in column C A B C 1 Book # Syntax Result 2 Book1 =[syntax referencing cell (A2)]Sheet1!$B$7 =[Book1]Sheet1!$B$7 3 Book2 =[syntax referencing cell (A3)]Sheet1!$B$7 =[Book2]Sheet1!$B$7 4 Book3 =[syntax referencing cell (A4)]Sheet1!$B$7 =[Book3]Sheet1!$B$7 5 Book4 =[syntax referencing cell (A5)]Sheet1!$B$7 =[Book4]Sheet1!$B$7 6 Book5 =[syntax referencing cell (A6)]Sheet1!$B$7 =[Book5]Sheet1!$B$7 7 Book6 =[syntax referencing cell (A7)]Sheet1!$B$7 =[Book6]Sheet1!$B$7
she started out on regular similac advance but found out she was i switched to similac isomil thats just plain soy, no milk,milk proteins,or lactose and shes been fine ever since but ive tried regular whole soy milk that you buy from the dairy section,didnt work made her sick(the runs) then i tried goats milk for people who are allergic to everything,she hated it and i must say i didnt like the taste what do i do?
I alright have the dry bulb temp. and the dew point temp. , i just need the wet bulb temp. so what's the formula to calculate the temp. of the wet bulb? i'm sure there is one
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