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M. L.
on your memory?
I tried...-Sports (I kept thinking about her during my Kung-Fu classes)-Staying Busy (Tried everything I could, nothing really changed)-Having friends (Didn't work well. I don't want/need friends except on QnA)-Dancing with leprechauns (They don't friggin' exist!)What should I do now? Help!
They met when he was introduced to her. He said to me that one day when he was going to a friends house, he kind of just ended up at hers instead. They talked and such, and had a lot of fun just being around each other. He told me one night they kissed, said that it was nearing time for them both to leave and she was getting well...closer to him. She never stopped him from doing it. Though he's in a tight mental state right now, asking close friends if it's okay for him to think of her like that. He really likes her and knows the more time he spends with her, the happier he is. I want to try and help. Is it alright for him to like her, someone whose 3-4 yrs younger. Should I tell him to follow his heart and be happy, or just forget her altogether and find someone else...or something else I should possibly tell him?
It's bad enough forgetting your PASSWORD; all you require in order to reset it is your zipcode and secret Question's Answer that you set up. But my supervisor says there are a lot of abandoned accounts in Hotmail and QnA from our tech lab unit here, because their owners forgot ALL of the signup info they set up!!!! (Frankly I think these people should have been smart enough or humble enough to have it all written down, but they thought they wouldn't forget, I guess. I never forgot mine, but still...) Does anyone know what to do? I think this must happen sometimes from all over.
What seems to be the norm these days, is a game will be released, totally bug-ridden, then a patch is released a few months later to fix the problems, so why are they released at all when they are not yet ready?I finally got my hands on a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC, the whole bloody 14GB, a game I've been waiting 4 years to play, when I installed it, my computer broke, now it won't bloody start, all I get is 3 beeps, nothing else, no matter what I do, I can't get my computer to start. I find out that the game is causing others severe problems with their computers too, why the hell do they treat PC gamers like this?Sorry to moan, I'm just angry that I have a computer sitting there and I can't even use it, UUUGGGGGHHH!!!!